Fundraiser Round-up

This month, we have two exciting projects from SpecFicNZ Members.

Auckland-based author/illustrator V. L. Dreyer says her novel The Survivors is  “a new story, a story of survival, love and heartbreak set against the backdrop of a world gone wild.  Ten years after a killer virus devastated the world, a small handful of survivors must band together to rebuild what is left of human society.  But can they overcome the trauma of their past, and forgive the horrible things that humanity is capable of in the name of the greater good? | Read More...

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Shout it out – success stories

We are delighted to announce a plethora of publication news from our members, combined into this one post for that special WOWSERS factor.

First up is Mike Reeves-McMillan, with Realmgolds, a novel of the Gryphon Clerks, a “steampunkish fantasy novel. The Realmgold, a young man named Determined, has a problem: even though the Realmgold is meant to be in charge, nobody is paying much attention to him.”

Post image for “Waking the Taniwha” by Dan Rabarts

Dan Rabarts has a new story for you to hear/read over at Wily Writers Audible FictionWaking the Taniwha  “borrows liberally from steampunk, and looks to the Maori tales of dwellers in deep places, creatures that can be either monsters or protectors.” | Read More...

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Introducing Beaulah Pragg!

Our very own Beaulah Pragg is the guest this week on Helen Lowe’s ‘Meet SpecFicNZ-Christchurch‘ series. Beaulah talks about what inspired her to write her novel The Silver Hawk, and why she can’t imagine ever giving up writing!

“If I’d known what I was getting myself into, I might have been a bit overwhelmed, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Pop on over to Helen’s blog – Helen Lowe…On Anything, Really – to find out more.

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‘Meet’ Cat Langford

This week, Cat Langford is the delightful guest on Helen Lowe’s blog series ‘Meet SpecFicNZ-Christchurch.’

Pop along to Helen’s blog to find out more about Cat, and read a teasing snippet from her first published short story “The Wrong Camera”, set in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences world created by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.

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Winners of the Twitter Love Contest!

Click here to go to the Voting Site

Have you been holding your breath? We hope so, because finally we can reveal the winning entries in the Twitter Love 2013 Microfiction Contest!

This year was even more exciting than last time around. After the last few days of the contest ticked over with four entries locked up in a battle for third place, a tie-breaking vote finally rolled in to break the deadlock. As the dust settled, it became clear that there is a new champion in the world of micro-fiction, and that both first and second place, by a long way, had been snapped up by Immi Paterson, while Freya Roberston had beaten out three other contenders for the honour of taking third place. | Read More...

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Paper Road Press open to submissions


For Writers-

Paper Road Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts. They are currently seeking fiction of 20,000-50,000 words for their Novellas list, and 10,000-20,000 words for their Shortcuts list.

Paper Road Press specialises in speculative fiction: science fiction and fantasy in all its forms. They are particularly interested in seeing work with a strong New Zealand voice, but are happy to consider work by international authors.

For Artists-

Paper Road Press commissions and licenses artwork for book covers and interior illustrations. | Read More...

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And now, ‘Meet Amanda Fitzwater’

This week on Helen Lowes blog series ‘Here’s SpecFicNZ-Christchurch’, member and author Amanda Fitzwater gives insight into what she writes, what inspires her writing, and how to eat water with a knife and fork.  Visit Helen’s blog – ‘Helen Lowe…On anything, really’ – for full instructions!

We’d also like to congratulate Amanda for her most recent publication – her story ‘Me Myself I’ is published in Daughters of Icarus. Woot!

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