2015 AGM Meeting Log

19:51Liz Gatens test 19:51AJ Fitzwater I see your test 19:51Liz Gatens hellooo there! 19:51Chris Yee Is this the testing chamber? 19:51AJ Fitzwater Greetings πŸ™‚ 19:51A.C. (Andi) Buchanan *waves* 19:52AJ Fitzwater Hey hey 19:52Chris Yee Afternoon all 19:52Beaulah Pragg Hello 19:52Marie Hodgkinson Testing achieved! Hello all 19:52Liz Gatens big helloooo and waving to everyone πŸ™‚ snazzy room! 19:53Beaulah Pragg I have a pretty financial statement – I’m just going to practice linking it in – can you see if you can open it? 19:53AJ Fitzwater k 19:53Chris Yee Sure 19:53Liz Gatens…

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