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Hand of the Trickster

Hand of the Trickster by Mike Reeves-McMillan.

Leverage meets Lankhmar in this sword-and-sorcery novella, as a thief who serves the Trickster God pulls daring heists in other gods’ temples.

Since the War of Gods, the high gods have grown silent and distant. The Trickster, though, is still at large in the world, humbling the exalted and exalting the humble. And the Hand of the Trickster is the thief called Now You Don’t.

He and his new crew are up for any challenge, whether it’s stealing a book from Wisdom’s library, dealing with a dark remnant from the War of Gods, or slipping the Grim Spear of the Inexorable Hand of Justice back into the heavily-guarded Justice Temple before it can be missed.

But can they truly rely on each other? Or will a tragic secret cause their most dangerous heist to fall apart?

Includes two bonus short stories, “Lock and Key” and “Wearing the Hat,” previously published in The Sockdolager. Available on Amazon Total word count: 41,000.



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