Worldcon 2020 needs you!

You probably already know that New Zealand was selected as the site for the 2020 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). Jacinda can tell you all about it.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Worldcon 2020  CONZealand Auckland Volunteer Meetup. Here’s what I learned:

The NZ 2020 Worldcon bid has been years in the planning. You can read the full story here.

(Takes off glasses) As you know, Bob, the World Science Fiction Society doesn’t actually organise Worldcons. For any given year there will be one or more bids to run Worldcon in a future year. Attendees of the current year’s Worldcon vote on which bid will win. The New Zealand delegation won the bid for Worldcon 2020 in August this year. That’s when NZ 2020 officially changed from a cool idea to something that’s definitely happening. | Read More...

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