Podcast. Does that sound interesting?

Kia ora, in the SpecFicNZ Core we have been talking about creating a podcast about speculative fiction and related interests with a New Zealand focus.

There are loads of podcasts out there, but not one that specifically promotes our members and their interests.

If you would like to:

  • Help create the podcast, either behind or in front of the mic.
  • Be interviewed on the podcast.
  • Support the podcast in some other way.

Then flick an email to web@specfic.nz

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The Ghost Hand YA Short Story Contest

To celebrate the November release of her YA paranormal thriller Ghost Hand, Ripley Patton is currently running a short story contest for writers age 13-19.

If you READ YA, and LOVE YA, and ARE YA, this contest is for you.

There is no entry fee and prizes include cash, publication and signed copies of Ghost Hand. 

The Contest is open NOW, and the deadline for entry is November 15th, 2012.

For more details and submission guidelines visit Ripley’s website HERE.

And be sure to pass on the information to all the young writers you know. | Read More...

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And the Winners Are…

Contest results

First place: Darian Smith, Agents of Kalanon

Second place: V.O. Blum, DownMind

Third place: Yvonne Eve Walus, MIL in the Fridge

The standard of the sixteen entries in this contest was outstanding – the writing was excellent, and I think it’s safe to say that all the manuscripts could do well when they are sent out into the world. It was really exciting to see so many well written and exciting novels from New Zealand authors.

I’ve sent comments to everyone who entered, so if you haven’t heard back please do get in touch. | Read More...

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Upcoming Christchurch Meet-up

Christchurch meet up, Saturday 1st September, 12.30pm –

All the fine specficcerly folk of Christchurch and surrounds are invited to a meet up at Under the Red Verandah, (Corner Tancred and Worcester Streets) this Saturday September 1st from 12.30 to 3pm (ish) for a coffee and friendly chat about writing and other wonderful specficcerly stuff.

Non-members are very welcome to come along and share in the fun. We’ve even booked the board room for our chatterly pleasure. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. | Read More...

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Cover Contest Now Open to Non-members

Due to a low number of member entries, The SpecFicNZ “A Cover’s Worth a Thousand Words” contest is now officially open to non-members.

There is no fee to enter, so spread the word to all your writerly friends.

Enter the first thousand words of your short story, novella, or novel and you could win a complete Cover Design Package from Kura Carpenter Designs.

For details on how to enter go HERE.  Be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully.

Deadline is midnight, August 31st (NZ time). |

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Ghost Hand is Funded!

Congratulations to SpecFicNZ member Ripley Patton, who recently successfully funded the publication of her YA paranormal thriller Ghost Hand through Kickstarter.

Ripley would like to thank the amazing support of SpecFicNZ and the New Zealand specfic community, without which this would not have been possible.

For those who haven’t yet gotten into the game, her project still has four days left and she is now shooting for a stretch goal to fund travel to the setting of Ghost Hand book 2.

The first chapter of Ghost Hand can be heard on StarShipSofa, read by Ripley herself, or you can read the first two chapters on her website HERE. | Read More...

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Important AGM Details

Our Annual General Meeting is fast approaching and will be occurring by Chatzy chat room on Saturday, August 11th from 2-4pm (NZ time). We sent the agenda out in an earlier e-mail, and it can also be viewed on the website HERE.

Every member has been e-mailed a link to the Chatzy room. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact us at specficnz@gmail.com with the e-mail you wish it sent to. Sometimes, our e-mails to members are returned to us as undeliverable.

Please follow the Chatzy link BEFORE the scheduled AGM,  and test out the chat room to make sure you have access. You should not need to log-in or enter a password. Please e-mail Joff at specficnz@gmail.com if you have any trouble. And please do not share the chat link with non-members or in any public place or on the internet. Thanks. | Read More...

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Waikato Area Meet-Up Starting

SpecFicNZ is pleased to announce that a local Waikato Meet-Up will begin in September.

The first meeting will be Saturday, September 29th at 3pm in Hamilton.

After that they will be held on the last Saturday of for the months of October and November. December WILL NOT have a meeting, but they will begin again in January.


For anyone interested in attending, please contact Jean Gilbert via e-mail at sharralai(at)yahoo.com for more details and directions to the location.

We hope to see you there. |

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The Royal Wedding From Hell

SpecFicNZ member Richard Barnes is pleased to invite everyone to “The Royal Wedding from Hell”.

Relive the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills, but this time, with demons, swordfights and car chases. Join Kate, Wills, Harry and Pippa as they take on ancient forces of darkness, hordes of monsters and a plethora of possessed celebrities.

All of the romance, all of the pageantry, all of the flesh hungry beasts of the abyss.
It’s the Royal Wedding from Hell!

And it’s available from Smashwords for all eBook formats (ePub, .mobi etc) for a mere US$1.99. | Read More...

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Paul Mannering On the Radio

On Tuesday 7th August, SpecFicNZ member Paul Mannering, self published author and editor, will be talking about ebooks and the process of publishing them on the developing market of the Amazon Kindle.

Also joining the discussion with a view from the traditional side of book publishing will be Kevin Chapman of Hachette Books New Zealand Ltd.

Airing around 11.20 AM on National Radio, and probably available afterwards on podcast through the usual site www.radionz.co.nz

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Cover Reveal!

The bag is OFF, thanks to SpecFicNZ member Cassie Hart and all the other amazing backers who have pledged to Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hand Kickstarter project.

Ripley finally unveiled the amazing cover of her new YA paranormal thriller this morning and you can see it HERE.

Ripley is offering a special of FREE SHIPPING this weekend (August 3-5) to all overseas backers, so be sure to take advantage of that.

The beautiful moody cover of Ghost Hand was designed by Kura Carpenter of Kura Carpenter Design, the same New Zealand-based designer who could do a cover for you for if you win the SpecFicNZ “A Cover’s Worth a Thousand Words” contest. Grand prize is a full cover design package plus $30 US worth of photo purchases for the project. | Read More...

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SpecFicNZ Upcoming AGM Agenda

Dear Members,

The SpecFicNZ Committee would like to present the proposed agenda for the upcoming AGM on August 11th, 2pm NZ time.

Please take a look and contact us at specficnz@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, or items to add to the agenda.

Please note that new items need to be added at least 48 hours before the meeting begins.

An e-mail containing the link to the AGM Chatzy room venue will be sent out in a few days to all members. Please DO NOT share the link on-line or with anyone who is not a member of SpecFicNZ. | Read More...

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Win a Cover Design

The SpecFicNZ “A Cover’s Worth a Thousand Words” contest is officially open for entries.

Enter the first thousand words of your short story, novella, or novel and you could win a complete Cover Design Package from Kura Carpenter Designs.

For details on how to enter go HERE.  Be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully.

Deadline is midnight, August 31st (NZ time).

We look forward to receiving your entries.

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Stats on the Novel Contest Entries

You know what I hate? I hate it when I work and scramble and write and polish and enter something BIG in a contest, and have nothing to show for it but a tiny little e-mail saying “Yeah, we got that.”

They say silence is golden but to a writer waiting for contest results, silence is not golden. It is maddening.

If you’re like me, as soon as you send off that manuscript or story, you start thinking things like- “I wonder how many entries there were?” “Was I the only one who entered a humorous, dystopian, psychological space opera?” “Was my entry too short? Wait, was it too long?” “Did I mess up on the guidelines and they just aren’t telling me?” | Read More...

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And Even More Wonderful Nominees

These are the Nominees Running for Regular Member Seats of the SpecFicNZ Committee to be voted on August 11th, 2pm at our Annual General Meeting (conducted via on-line chat).

There are five positions available with a potential of 8 nominees running, the 8th being the nominee bumped from the Publicist/Promotions Position race.

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

To see the nominees for the Officed and Specific Positions of the Committee go HERE.


I am a science fiction and fantasy writer, currently focusing on the short story medium and with the themes of feminism and social justice, and have been published in various indie venues such as Crossed Genres, The Future Fire, and Expanded Horizons. I’m from Shakytown ie: Christchurch, which brings its unique challenges to writing energy and routine. | Read More...

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