Writers’ Non-Fiction Resources by Members

Many of our members have works available aimed at helping you improve your writing skills. A few of these are listed here, and we will be building up a list over at a dedicated page of Non-Fiction Resources. Do you have a resource you’d like us to let others know about? Email us at

Write the Fight Right, by Alan Baxter

 “The best way for a writer to learn what’s really involved in brawling, short of going down the pub and starting something.” – Pete, WA

“Based on my successful workshops, this is a short (~12,000 word) ebook all about writing convincing fight scenes. When I read a good book or story and then come across a fight scene written by an author who clearly knows nothing of fighting, it can really spoil an otherwise excellent experience. Most writers tend to regurgitate what they’ve seen on TV and in movies, converting that to text, which makes for a slow, unrealistic scene. We have the great advantage in prose that we can get into our characters’ heads, we can describe how things feel, smell and taste as well as the emotional content that film can never convey. We can also describe a far more realistic fight, with the kind of techniques and in-fighting that doesn’t show up on film, but is actually the real essence of a fight.” Alan Baxter. | Read More...

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Review: The Devil’s Children and Threshold of Madness

The Devil’s Children and Standing on the Threshold of Madness by Benjamin Blake

Review by Dan Rabarts

Benjamin Blake’s The Devil’s Children is a coming-home story, a tale of two young men who have left the small town behind them, but the town has never really let them go. Fuelled by nostalgia, the pointlessness of their existences, and a gnawing sense of things left undone, Harry and Adam return to their hometown of Wycombe, Massachusetts with plans to relive their easy-going teen years in a haze of beer fumes and cigarette smoke, only to find that things are not how they remember. The town is plagued by strange happenings, and so they set about investigating – when they’re not drinking or hunting fruitlessly for their lost phones. | Read More...

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Te Kōrero Ahi Kā – a showcase


In April 2018, SpecFicNZ launched its newest anthology titled, Te Kōrero Ahi Kā, which means to speak of the home fires burning, and is a statement about how we as creators of speculative fiction and art make our mark, shining our light on the literary landscape. This anthology showcases the best work from members of the SpecFicNZ organisation of writers, poets, artists, and creatives.

The anthology had no set theme and short story, poetry, cover art by uor members was included in the ebook and print editions. Speculative fiction includes all genres of fantasy, horror, and science-fiction. | Read More...

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Calls for Submission 

Capricious open for Submissions

Fiction submissions are OPEN until 17th July 2017. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting – they have recently changed.

Capricious publishes short speculative fiction and essays about speculative fiction and related topics.

We err towards the literary/experimental/slipstream side of speculative fiction, but appreciate a strong plot as much as anyone. We welcome stories told in second person, with unusual tenses, or other less common language choices

We actively welcome stories written by people from marginalised groups, and representations of characters from such groups.  We are very happy to publish stories using gender neutral pronouns. | Read More...

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Anthologies Calls for Submission Markets Short Story 

Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror now open to submissions

Talie Helene and Liz Gryzb are now reading for their ongoing Year’s Best series, and we encourage our members to submit. This will be the seventh volume of the award-winning annual series collecting the best fantasy and horror stories from the Antipodes.

The deadline for submissions is 1 July 2017.

Liz says:

“Talie and I are now reading for the Ticonderoga Publications’ 2016 Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror anthology. The submissions guidelines are found at the link below. While we read widely, if you’d like to make extra-sure we’ve considered your story for inclusion, please send us a copy. | Read More...

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Cons SpecFicNZ AGM 

Call for Committee Members

SpecFicNZ needs you! Our AGM is coming up, and we are looking at a changing of the guard with some opportunities for our valued members to step up and take part in running our exciting little organisation. Some of the existing committee are standing down, and some are staying on, so now is your chance to jump in and see how we keep the wheels moving behind the scenes.

Right now, the following people have been nominated to continue as part of the current committee:

President: Grace Bridges

Treasurer: Paul Mannering |

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Calls for Submission E-books Flash Fiction Kiwi Writers Short Story 

Submissions Open for Breach Ezine

Breach is an online magazine for SF, horror and dark fantasy short fiction, and is currently open for submissions. Our focus is on new and emerging Australian and New Zealand writers and artists, and helping them get their work out into the world.

​​Issue number 1 is now available through iTunes and Smashwords. Travel to the mesosphere to catch a glimpse of Hannah C. van Didden’s The Unknown, while in Matey, Peter Kirk wonders what happens when robots get old. With Hurk + Dav, Arthur Robinson introduces two of our favourite new characters. And poet Jesse Hayward plays with time in The Devil’s Loop. | Read More...

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Training Kiwi Writers Training 

‘Write & Sell Your Novel’ Course offered by Local Author

Steff Green, New York TImes and USA Today bestselling author of sixteen dark dystopian fantasy and paranormal romance novels and regular speaker at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conferences, is offering an eight-week training course on the topic of Making Your First Indie $1000.

The course will cover plotting, finishing what you start, indie publishing options, managing outsourcing, identifying and reaching readers, and more. Registation is open now, and the course starts on May 15th, 2017 at a cost of $99USD. | Read More...

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Anthologies Calls for Submission 

More Human Than Human: Call for Reprints

Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, is currently looking for reprints for a new science fiction anthology.

More Human Than Human is a reprint anthology focused on the theme of androids, replicants, and other artificial humanoids that will be published by Night Shade Books in trade paperback, ebook, and (maybe) audio editions in late 2017.

Neil is looking for:

  • Previously published science fiction stories between 3000 and 25000 words in length.
  • Stories must include androids, replicants, etc. as a major character or plot element.
  • |

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    Calls for Submission Magazines 

    ASIM Cover Art Competition

    The good folks at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine are looking for a cover for their Best of 2016 issue!

    From their website:

    “Get ready for the best of 2016!

    That’s right, Andromeda Spaceways Magazine will be bringing you the most fantastic stories from our 2016 editions in our “Best of 2016” magazine – but we need your help. The best stories deserve the best cover and that’s where you come in. We’re sending out a universe-wide broadcast for artists to submit their impression of what the best of Andromeda Spaceways is all about. | Read More...

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    Calls for Submission 

    Interactive Novel Writers Wanted

    Choice of Games LLC are looking for writers to develop interactive fiction.

    From their website:

    At Choice of Games LLC, we’re looking for authors to write interactive novels, that is, multiple-choice games, in the style of Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides. Our games are like “choose a path” gamebooks, but longer, deeper, and richer. They are written according to a distinctive set of game design principles.

    Our games are written in a simple programming language called ChoiceScript which is used for designing multiple-choice games. Writing games in ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for writers with no programming experience. | Read More...

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    NatCon Travel Grant

    SpecFicNZ – NatCon Travel Grant

    SpecFicNZ is pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for grants from the Travel Fund for SpecFicNZ members to attend LexiCon, the 38th SFFANZ National Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, being held at Suncourt Hotel, Taupo Queens Birthday Weekend, 2 – 4 June 2017.

    The Travel Grant is intended to assist SpecFicNZ members who are attendees of the NatCon with financial assistance to cover costs associated with travel and/or accommodation that might otherwise prevent them from attending the convention. | Read More...

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    Anthologies Calls for Submission 

    SNAFU Judgement Day – Submissions opening soon

    The end of the world as we know it. Edited by Amanda J Spedding and Geoff Brown.

    What we want: Invading space aliens, demonic invasion as in Doom, DNA-grafted dinosaurs taking over the planet, manmade viral infections that nearly wipe out humanity, or artificial intelligence like in Terminator… anything you can think of that would bring about the end of the world. And SOLDIERS!
    Tell us about what happens during the worst of the fall of humanity or afterwards.
    No zombies. That’s already taken care of.
    Full action. Nothing less.
    Hoo-rah! |

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    Awards SFFANZ 

    Nominations for the 2017 Sir Julius Vogel awards are open!

    Via SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand:

    Nominations for the 2017 Sir Julius Vogel awards are now being accepted. The nomination period will close at 8.00 pm on 31 March 2017.  The awards recognise excellence and achievement in science fiction, fantasy, or horror works created by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents, and first published or released in the 2016 calendar year.

    We are using a web-based system for nominations this year to aid our administrative processes. Full information about the awards, including the rules and criteria for the Sir Julius Vogel Award, can be found here. | Read More...

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