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Into the Sounds by Lee Murray

Into the Sounds 

Into the SoundsNZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna is back again. This time, it’s not a military assignment, but a bit of R&R that draws him deep into the bush in New Zealand’s remote Fiordland. His girlfriend Jules Asher, always keen to save an endangered species, is on a conservation trip again – this time, culling deer. They helicopter in, rappel down into the bush and make a series of strange discoveries… a survivor from an ancient helicopter crash; poachers stealing rare New Zealand birds; an ex-US-military submarine lurking in the depths of a fiord; and a long-lost New Zealand race — the Tūrehu tribe. But there’s a primordial monster lurking beneath the depths, protecting the entrance to the Tūrehu hideout. | Read More...

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Attack on Dragon's Realm by Eileen Mueller Featured Work 

Attack on Dragon’s Realm

Attack on Dragon’s Realm by Eileen Mueller.

Three unlikely heroes must save their village from tharuks: a flight-sick dragon rider, a failing wizard and a fainting warrior. Pulse pounding action and adventure for readers 10-12 years.  Choose your hero in this 3-way interactive fantasy adventure.

Join dragons, riders, wizards and warriors as they battle against invading beasts in Attack on Dragon’s Realm.

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Winners – Clawsome Dragon Limericks Contest

Clawsome Dragon Limericks Winners

Phantom Feather Press received a hoard of dragon limericks from all around the world. The verses made them roar and laugh, and on occasion, breathe fire. So many of the limericks were clawsome! Contestants made a fangtastic effort! Some of the finalists are SpecFicNZ authors.

The winners ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd places) will soon receive a voucher for the e-book Clawsome Dragon Limericks. All winners, honorable mentions and finalists have their limericks in the e-book and their names in the table of contents.Drgaon Limericks | Read More...

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Anthology – Wish Upon a Southern Star – Call for Submissions

Anthology Calls for Submissions

Wish Upon a Southern Star will be an anthology of radical retellings of fairy tales for young Wish Upon a Southern Staradult readers. Although those of us living in the South Pacific couldn’t be further removed from the European woods of Grimms’ fairy tales, we, like the rest of the world, are immersed in fairy tale lore — so let’s have fun with it! This is a chance for writers of the South Pacific to shine — contributing authors should be from New Zealand, Australia, or a South Pacific island. | Read More...

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Royal Society Lectures

The Royal Society of New Zealand runs a variety of events and forums for public audiences on a wide range of topics related to science, technology and the humanities. Writers and consumers of speculative fiction may be interested in these lectures – perhaps as inspiration for building their next new world.

Some upcoming lectures include:

Dr Valerie Soo discussing ‘Possible origins of antibiotic resistance: a biochemistry
Alok Jha discusses water at a Royal Society public lecture.
Alok Jha discusses water at a Royal Society public lecture.


  • UK science writer Alok Jha discussing “Water the extraordinary story of our most ordinary substance.’
  • Tim Naish and James Renwick discussing “Ten by Ten: ten things you didn’t know about climate change.’
  • Moe information is available on the Royal Society events page, including details of upcoming contests. | Read More...

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    Sir Julius Vogel in the News

    Article Sir Julius Vogel
    Otago Daily Times article by Wellington writer Steven Sedley

    The Sir Julius Vogel Awards, New Zealand’s Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror awards, are named after Sir Julius Vogel, an early premier in New Zealand.

    Earlier this month, London’s United Synagogue marked the life of Sir Julius Vogel as ‘‘a leading pioneer, advocate of universal suffrage and good community relations.” The service commemorated the 180th anniversary of Sir Julius’ birth and the 140th anniversary of his premiership.

    The Otago Daily Times, which Vogel co-founded with W.H. Cutten, ran an article by Wellington writer Steven Sedley, examining the event and discussing Vogel’s novel Anno Domini 2000. | Read More...

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