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Funding your novel through the crowd

Asking people to part with their hard earned cash is never easy. Asking them to do it on the promise of an idea is a whole lot harder, but that is exactly what crowd funding is. There are hundreds of crowd funding platforms, such as Indiegogo, Pozible, Pledgme and more. Kickstarter, the largest crowd funding platform has in 5 years received over $1 billion in pledges from 5.7 million donors to fund 135,000 projects. These numbers prove that there are people out there who are prepared to pay to help… | Read More...

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Book Review: The Factory World by Joseph Edward Ryan

The Factory World is a novel published by Steam Press and written by New Zealand author Joseph Edward Ryan and follows (literally) a ten year old boy Simon through a derelict and broken world.

The story is a simple journey. Simon and his friend, the Tin Man, must journey through this world of ruin and decay to try and find a way home. We learn of the world with Simon. We are experiencing his journey. There is no base experience to leverage off. Everything is strange and foreign and this is what absorbs you as a reader. You need to learn what is over the next wall. You need to make sure that Simon and the Tin Man escape the current horror, only to face more down the path. | Read More...

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Elite: And Here The Wheel

Elite: And Here The Wheel by John Harper

Robert Garry, ex-military officer, wants nothing more than to maintain his integrity and his team’s safety despite a career change to pirate leader but a cargo freighter he targets proves to be holding much more than he bargained for.

Will he escape with his own life, let alone the lives of his crew? 
He has always shunned the ‘folk hero’ label but is he in danger of becoming an arch villain in the process… 

‘I had some pirate drama up in orbit,’ said Robert, only half lying. ‘I landed out in the Red Wash.’ Another half-truth. He’d never actually piloted the Wayfarer, and ‘landed’ was a bit of a stretch. ‘She’s a bit of a wreck. Are you able to tow her back here for repairs? The hyperdrive is scrambled, I think I lost all my heat vents and who knows what else failed in the landing.’
‘Whoa, One step at a time, hun.’ she said, raising her hands. ‘‘We can pick your girl up no problem. Then we can give her a good coat of looking-at and put a quote together for the work. What is she?’
‘Lanner Mark II.’
The woman physically cringed. ‘Well this crash was the best thing to happen to you. The perfect time to upgrade to a ship that’s, how shall we say, engineered? We can handle your insurance claim if you like.’
‘Ah,’ Robert said, wanting to avoid the ‘insurance companies don’t like pirates’ discussion. ‘No thanks, she’s got sentimental value.’’ | Read More...

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