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Subs Open: Humans Wanted

When going somewhere dangerous, take a human. Humans are tough. Humans can last days without food. Humans heal so quickly, they pierce holes in themselves or inject ink under their epidermis for fun. Humans will walk for days on broken bones in order to make it to safety. Humans will literally cut off bits of themselves if trapped by a disaster.

You would be amazed what humans will do to survive. Or to ensure the survival of others they feel responsible for. 

That’s the other thing. Humans pack-bond, and they spill their pack-bonding instincts everywhere. Sure it’s weird when they talk sympathetically to broken spaceships or try to pet every lifeform that scans as non-toxic. It’s even a little weird that just existing in the same place as them for long enough seems to make them care about you.  | Read More...

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American-Kiwi SF Partnership

EG WilsonI’m thrilled to announce that I recently signed a two-book deal with American publisher Atthis Arts. Our Kickstarter is live right now. Voiceless is the first book in an urban SF duology set in futuristic Timaru. It’s about a mute schoolgirl who cons her way into a virtual psychoreality simulator in order to steal back her voice. I’d love for you to check it out and support it! The campaign runs until September 15 2016. You can find it at | Read More...

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From Epic Fantasy to Weird Cosmic Horror: A Patreon For Speculative Fiction

Graphic for Woelf DietrichAs you probably know, my name is Woelf Dietrich and I’m the author of the dark fantasy novella, The Seals of Abgal and the inspirational short story, Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones. I also have stories in the flash fiction anthology, These Broken Worlds, from Kōsa Press. The collection seems to have been well received and even received a mention on Tor’s Aurora Australis. Kōsa Press is an indie label I co-founded last year and our flagship release “Interspecies” is due in a month’s time. | Read More...

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Support NZ SpecFic: PISCES OF FATE, by Paul Mannering

pof_ebook_cover2Ascott Pudding stopped typing and looked up, staring out from under the palm-leaf roof of his beach hut veranda. He gazed over the sunlit crystal waters of the lagoon, past the jagged fangs of the coral reef where the waves burst into foam, all the way to the horizon, where he saw the pale smudge of a man striding across the low waves.

‘This,’ he announced, ‘may require pants.’

Paper Road Press is crowdfunding $1000 towards printing costs for the paperback edition of Paul Mannering’s Pisces of Fate, sequel to the award-winning Engines of Empathy. Backer rewards include signed copies of the book, exclusive totes and posters, and other perks. | Read More...

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