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12-36 to be made into a short film

Canterbury author E.G Wilson’s short story 12-36, which appeared in the At The Edge anthology (Paper Road Press, 2016), is under development to be made into a short film by local production company Rolling Ridges.

They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds they will need to build the set, make the costumes, and hire the gear needed to pull it all together.

You can support local NZ filmmakers adapting kiwi spec fic onto the screen by checking out their PledgeMe page and getting behind the project. | Read More...

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Writers Wanted

Lmao Productions Ltd is in the process of initiating a New Zealand science fiction and fantasy television series similar to the old Twilight Zone series.

They want to hear from any established New Zealand speculative fiction authors who would like their published short fiction considered for adaptation (From shorts through to Novellas that could be produced in a one hour show) or who might like to write something directly for the show.


This is very early stages but when it goes ahead, fees will be paid for story rights and screenplays. | Read More...

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Make My Movie

SpecFicNZ member Jenni Dowsett frequently has something interesting going on in the field of speculative video media.

She is currently a part of a project, a film titled Urban Numina, entered in the Make My Movie competition.

Urban Numina may receive $100,000 for production into a full length film, but only if you go HERE and vote for it via social media, twitter it, FB it, blog about it, and encourage others to do the same.

First round voting closes October 31st, so keep spreading the word.

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