One Week to go for Youth Mentorship Programme Applications

Three lucky secondary school students are again being given the opportunity to work with three of New Zealand’s best professional authors in order to hone their writing skills and develop their craft.

 NZSA logo The NZSA Youth Mentoring Programme 2014 deadline is now looming –  aspiring young writers (15-18) have until April 1 to get their applications in and take advantage of a 10 hour mentorship. 2013 recipient Charlotte Steel says her mentorship last year saw her produce a body of work that she had enough confidence in to enter into competitions. “I entered some of my work in various competitions with a good success rate and I aim to do more of this and wish my mentorship could continue! ” The intent of the programme is to foster and develop emerging writing talent with the support of established authors.The NZSA has run a highly successful mentoring programme for writers since 1999 and it is sponsored by Creative New Zealand. =&0=&=&1=& For further information and application forms: Or email: National Office:  PO Box 7701, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141  Tel: (09) 379 4801
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Send a NZ fan to 2014 Australian Natcon

Continuum X banner

Nominations are now open for the 2014 Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ). FFANZ in 2014 will send one New Zealand science fiction fan from New Zealand to the 2014 Australian Natcon, Continuum X, in Melbourne from 6-9 June.
Prospective candidates have until April 21st 2014 to file the documents required to have their name placed on the ballot.
The ballots will be published and distributed in late March, and voting will run from March 24th – April 21st.
Candidates should file the following documents: |

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Auckland Meetup This Sunday!

Our  September meet up will be on again this Sunday, 15th September. We’re going out West again, to the Origins Bar at Westgate shopping centre. Despite being not that great for public transport, it seems to be the most popular venue – easy to get to both from the west and from the North Shore via the Upper Harbour Highway. So details as follows: Time: Sunday, from 1pm onwards Place: Origins Bar and Restaurant, Unit 1 – Westgate Shopping Complex, Massey. It’s not far from the cinema complex at Westgate. Directions: From town,  take the northwest motorway  and exit at 19A, Hobsonville Rd, then turn left onto Fred Taylor Drive.                 From the west, turn right, (3rd exit) at the roundabout onto Fred Taylor Dve before you get on to the new motorway extension.                 From the shore, take the Upper Harbour road and exit toward Hobsonville road. Public transport: From Britomart, catch bus route 080 from lower Albert St. For other options, check out the maxx Auckland transport site.
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Fundraiser Round-up

This month, we have two exciting projects from SpecFicNZ Members.

Auckland-based author/illustrator V. L. Dreyer says her novel The Survivors is  “a new story, a story of survival, love and heartbreak set against the backdrop of a world gone wild.  Ten years after a killer virus devastated the world, a small handful of survivors must band together to rebuild what is left of human society.  But can they overcome the trauma of their past, and forgive the horrible things that humanity is capable of in the name of the greater good? | Read More...

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Winners of the Twitter Love Contest!

Click here to go to the Voting Site

Have you been holding your breath? We hope so, because finally we can reveal the winning entries in the Twitter Love 2013 Microfiction Contest!

This year was even more exciting than last time around. After the last few days of the contest ticked over with four entries locked up in a battle for third place, a tie-breaking vote finally rolled in to break the deadlock. As the dust settled, it became clear that there is a new champion in the world of micro-fiction, and that both first and second place, by a long way, had been snapped up by Immi Paterson, while Freya Roberston had beaten out three other contenders for the honour of taking third place. | Read More...

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Meet SpecFicNZ – Christchurch!

Ever wanted to know more about your fellow members of SpecFicNZ? Ever wondered who they are, why they write and what they write? Now’s your chance to find out!

Helen Lowe, award winning author, SpecFicNZ member, and truly generous supporter and promoter of all things spec-fic and NZ, recently invited the Christchurch area members to introduce themselves to the readers of her blog. And who could resist, when her blog receives a whopping 1000-1200 distinct visitors per week? Visitors on average come from: | Read More...

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The SpecFicNZ ‘Pimp Your Profile’ contest is on again!

Here at SpecFicNZ, we do like a nicely turned-out profile. It attracts browser interest, it helps our members stand out, it might even lead to an unsolicited proposal to submit. (In, we hasten to add, a purely platonic sense.)

What’s involved?

We’re glad you asked that. Just head to your SpecFicNZ member’s profile, take a look at it, and think about the ways in which it could be gussied up. Maybe your bio needs to be embiggened. Maybe what you’ve got there at the moment doesn’t truly capture your vivacious, zany, off-the-wall persona. Maybe your Profile Pic is too KeyboardCatlike, too low-res, too lacking in bling. Maybe you don’t even have a Profile Pic, and if so, shame on you, because everybody needs a Profile Pic. Maybe you haven’t included links to your blog, to your website, to the places where people can buy your wonderful fiction. So assess the situation, and Put It To Rights. Anytime from … oh, about Now, until the end of April. | Read More...

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Auckland Words on the Wind Event Delivers the Goods

The traffic jam that night was the stuff of legends. Notwithstanding this, a good crowd fought their way to the Mangere Bridge library for Words on the Wind. The librarians kindly provided nibbles and drinks, and set us up in an area dedicated to genre fiction.

First author up was Grant Stone, with his story “Better Phones” – which he read from a phone. Following him were Darian Smith with “The Interview” and “Wearing the Star Cloak”, then Elaine King with “Pets”. After that we had a half-time break for more nibbles and a look at the book table. Then came readings from Lila Richards (from the novel “Restitutions of the Blood”) and Grace Bridges (“A Stretch of Time” from the Aquasynthesis anthology). Finally, Jacqui Smith talked about Stella Nova and Novazine which is always looking for stories; and Grace Bridges also asked for manuscripts to be submitted to Waitemata Books and told the audience they really should be members of SpecFicNZ because it does all these awesome things for you.

There was enough time afterwards to mingle a little more before the library had to close. A great time was had by all, and huge thanks and applause to Mary Jones for arranging everything so wonderfully!

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Beware of Flirting with Loveswept Hydras with no Alibi

Here at SpecFicNZ, it is our mission to provide our members with access to the best information on the market and submission opportunities that we can, and sometimes that mission must swing the other way – to offering warnings, so that you can make the best possible choices with all the relevant information on hand.

Last year, Big Six publisher Random House launched a group of eBook only imprints: Loveswept, Alibi, Hydra and Flirt, covering the genres of Romance, Crime, SFF, and YA respectively. | Read More...

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When months collide…

Love may be fleeting, but your SpecFicNZ committee plan to make it last a little longer. We dug some worm holes out of the garden, blended them with a cute kitten calendar donated by Aunty Causality, and topped the goop off with a spoonful of she’ll-be-right. We can now proudly declare that February and March met, hit it off, and have agreed to combine in the spirit of romance. FebruMarch will run until the real-world dull date of April 2nd, 2013. We’d stop on the first, but none of you would be fooled. | Read More...

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Words on the Wind – NZ Book Month Events

SpecFicNZ in association with NZ Book Month are very pleased to announce three reading events being held around the country during March, with a focus on our favourite things: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. 

We will be holding a reading event in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. All the events are at a nearby library and feature a range of local speculative fiction writers reading their work. There will be opportunities to ask questions, sign books and mingle, so come along and enjoy an hour of fun, frights and fancy. | Read More...

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Book Releases + Radio Interviews = Awesome News!

Congratulations to members Debbie Howell and Alicia Ponder who both have publication news to shout about.


Debbie’s debut novel Healer’s Touch, a fast-paced mix of fantasy, steampunk and Wild West, comes out on January 31st. For more details click here.

Alicia’s novel The Wizard’s Guide To Wellington, about two cousins from opposite sides of the world who discover just how magical and dangerous Wellington can be, came out in December. For more details click here. | Read More...

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SJV Qualifying Work – 2013

SpecFicNZ would like to compile a list of Sir Julius Vogel Award Qualifying Work by our members.

In order to qualify, the work must be speculative fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc), and must have first been published in 2012 by a New Zealand resident or citizen.

Categories for professional nominations are:
Best Novel
Best Novella or Novelette
Best Short Story
Best Collected Work
Best Artwork
Dramatic Presentation
Best Production/Publication
Best New Talent

Nominations are due by March 31st, 2013, so if you have a qualifying work (or several), please e-mail the details (and any links to the work) to with “SJV Work” in the subject line. | Read More...

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Word from the Prez

Kia ora to all our members and I hope you had a not-too-stressful season of celebrations. 2013 has had a first chance to show some of its colours and as usual, we are all thinking about our plans for the year.

Here at SpecFicNZ we are also busy planning out awesome stuff for you to do. Favourite competitions from previous years are making a reappearance, like the Wily Writers contest and the best Twitter tale. We also have great new items for you such as the Going Global manuscript contest which might just get some of you published internationally, so I hope you’re polishing up those novels. | Read More...

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