The New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors (NZAMA), the only organization of its kind in the world, is a valuable resource to get your work whipped into shape. For a very decent rate an experienced writer and/or editor will look at you full manuscript and give you an assessment of it’s overall structure, content and marketability.

To find out more go to their website HERE.

6 thoughts on “Manuscript Assessment

  1. Hi there,
    Just wanting an indication on price for manuscript review please.
    It’s my first novel so imagining I’ll need some considerable guidance!

  2. You’ll need to get in touch with individual manuscript assessors for a quote, which will be based on the word count of your novel. The NZAMA has a list of its members by region and genre. Good luck with your novel!

  3. I’ve been onto the NZAMA website searching for an assessor who might specialise in SpecFic or Fantasy. I can find lots who have Young Adult listed, but none for what I want. Any suggestions, anyone?

  4. Thanks Jean. i did go through all the names individually on the NZAMA list. I’d like to join a critique group on the SpecFicNZ website but I can’t find how to do that on the site! Can you direct me to the page? Thanks!

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