Among other things, Ann is a writer and novelist.
She relocated from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Hong Kong in February of 2010. Finding herself without a job, or the support of family and friends, she had time on her hands, something she had not had for the last fifteen years. She discovered a passion for writing, and she wrote every day for the next two years. The story, not planned, continued to flow. It was bad.
When Ann’s next relocation took her to France, she began to learn how to construct her story. At the end of 2012 she enrolled at the New Zealand Writers Collage in her first creative writing course. Passing this, eager to hone her skills, she enrolled in the next course, advanced creative writing.
Ann’s next and last relocation has bought her to sunny Adelaide. Feeling she still had much to learn, she enrolled in a novel writing course. She finished that and the advanced novel writing course in 2016. She has her first novel at draft stage, and is writing the next.
She writes with the help and support of fellow writing friends.

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