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    • G’day Grace, a catch up with local writers would be really cool! At the moment though, with our delightful coven of time-vampires (also known as children), time’s squeezed more than spaghettification in a black hole. But I will keep checking, and if there are events later in the year, it’d be awesome to get along! 🙂

      • The plan is to post meetings in the group, so you should hear about it whenever something is on. How old are your kids? Sometimes it may work to bring them with you.

        • Cool! 🙂 My girls are four and seven. If they can get their groove on nearby, that might work out great! Biggest issue currently though, is that my wife is about to start a fulltime three month placement for her Masters degree, so we’ll be pulling extra hours, evenings and weekends. But that’s a temporary blip. I’ll definitely keep an eye on upcoming events!

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