Mary Brock Jones



Mary Brock Jones


Mary Brock Jones is a writer of both Science fiction and NZ Historical novels, as well as SF short stories. She has just Indie-published her third SF book Torn , the first in her new series set on the planet Arcadia. She has also indie-published two books in her SF Hathe series, Resistance and Pay the Piper and has had SF short stories published in Semaphore Anthology 2010, Regeneration: NZ Speculative Fiction II, Aquasynthesis Again

Her historical romance novels, A Heart Divided  and Swift Runs the Heart were published by Escape Publishing.

She has been a finalist in the RWNZ Clendon awards, the RWNZ Koru awards for Swift Runs the Heart, and the 2016 RWAus RUBY awards for Pay the Piper.

Apart from that, she lives in her own world, occasionally emerging to earn some money (to pay for the Indie publishing and eating), pat the cat, and say hello to her long suffering loved ones.


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