SpecFic Spotlight: A. J. Ponder

I knew I wanted to write from a very early age, and when you’re small, everything is speculative fiction. Spaceships belong on the front lawn, monsters hide beneath the bed and lurk under the water, and most adults have magic powers and should be viewed with caution. Even now, when I read stories without an element of speculative fiction, it’s as if something is missing. Some extra spark that pulls a nice story into a must read.

My most recent book, Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death, follows Lilly, a super-bright biology student. She’s bundled into a super-secret underground bunker and forced to create awesomely dangerous creatures for a nefarious organisation. I started writing it just for fun. Diving straight in without planning so much as a word – not at all sure where it would go. I had my unreliable narrator (it was originally in first person) and she took me on a wild ride through treachery and out the other side. | Read More...

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