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Everything is Fine

Everything is Fine by Grant Stone

A house at the edge of a prehistoric valley.
A suitcase that can take you to 1980.
A payphone that lets you call the dead.

Twenty tales from award-winning author Grant Stone, including six all-new stories.

From a trip to the supermarket to the edge of everything. From Auckland to London to places far beyond any map. The sun may set before we reach our destination. But don’t worry.

Everything is going to be fine.

Available now from Amazon, Gumroad or Smashwords, ebook or paperback. | Read More...

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Pisces of Fate

Pisces of Fate, by Paul Mannering 
Published by Paper Road Press

When Ascott Pudding’s parents died, he ran to the ends of the earth – or to the tropical Aardvark Archipelago, which is essentially the same thing. But distance is relative and now a retired god has turned up with more bad news: Ascott’s sister, Charlotte, is probably dying too.

Charlotte isn’t the only endangered Pudding. Before Ascott can go home and save his sister from uncertain death, he’ll have to escape a homicidal octopus, a migrating whale pod, and several varieties of pirate. | Read More...

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The Dog with No Name

The Dog with No Name, by Grace Bridges: One eventful night in Belfast, a soulful dog makes a split-second decision that will change his life forever. FREE on Kindle 15-18 May! (Short story)

Perhaps the dog had had a name, once, long ago, when children christened the puppy they’d begged for. Perhaps it had been Christmas, with shiny baubles hung on a fragrant tree, or somebody’s birthday, and he had burst out of a barely-wrapped box with the same brown ears and grey patches that he still wore, to be greeted with delight by the little ones and a certain disapproval on the part of a busybody aunt. | Read More...

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Currents of Change

Currents of Change by Darian Smith

Haunted house, haunted heart.  When Sara O’Neill goes on the run, she believes the tiny town of Kowhiowhio is just the sanctuary she needs. Her family’s old colonial house needs repair, but it’s safe from the abusive husband she left behind. However, a hostile local holds a grudge and a dangerous presence haunting her new home threatens Sara’s chance at peace. How can she create a new life while dealing with ghosts from the old?

For local electrician, Nate Adams, parenting his young daughter alone has not been easy – particularly in a town where he is still seen as an outsider. When he meets his new neighbour, he sees a chance at a new start for them both. Even with his help, can the house – or Sara’s heart – be repaired? | Read More...

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A Mer-Tale

A Mer-Tale by Jan M. Goldie “We Mer are real. There’s nothing mythological about us. We’ve inhabited Earth’s seas for millions of years. But about one thousand years ago, all that changed. The Spratonites arrived and suddenly we were kicked out of our own home. Now we slum it in the human world.” Land-trapped mermaid Thala struggles to accept her privileged life. Isolated, bored and forbidden to delve into her family’s bloody past, Thala feels like a prisoner and longs for change. When visitors from a rival pod reveal a… | Read More...

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The Mussel Eater

“The Mussel Eater” by Octavia Cade, in The Book Smugglers, November 2014.

The Pania is sitting in a rock pool, grooming. Karitoki can’t help but be fascinated – Pania usually stay in their packs, out beyond the harbour and away from town. Even living by the ocean as he does, he has never been so close to one before.

“I was curious,” she says, when he asks her. She has seen him eyeing her, seen him moving closer, and holds out one of her hands. It is stronger than his, and the nails are pointed. “Are you curious, too?” | Read More...

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Use Only As Directed

Use Only As Directed, edited by Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey

A varied mix of 14 speculative fiction stories by some of the best Australian and New Zealand authors in the genre in settings that range from the back yard to the depths of space.

Authors: Stephen Dedman, Dirk Flinthart, Dave Freer, Michelle Goldsmith, Alex Isle, Lyn McConchie, Claire McKenna, Charlotte Nash, Ian Nichols, Leife Shallcross, Grant Stone, Douglas A Van Belle, Janeen Webb, M Darusha Wehm.

216 pages.

Also available on Amazon |

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Tantamount by Thomas J. Radford

The Free Lanes criss-cross a vast ocean in space, sailed by tall ships crewed by those who live on the edge of the law and common decency. Nel Vaughn is the skipper of the Tantamount, not the captain. The captain causes the problems. Nel’s job is to fix them and keep the crew alive through debt, blockade running, slavery and rebelling planets. Between the captain, a xenophobic, kelpie navigator and the manipulative Castor Sharpe she’s got her work cut out for her. And that’s before a kitsune cabin girl and the rest of the crew get involved. Nel would do anything for her captain and crew, and the rest of the Free Lanes are going to find that out. | Read More...

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Silver, Sharp as Silk

Silver Sharp as Silk, by Dan Rabarts in Dreaming of Djinn

“It is sharp, and beautiful, and awful to watch them burn, but burn they must, wrapped up in dust and flame, writhing and curling and dying, thin hard men who wear cold steel at their belts while trading silk for silver, spices and myrrh. Sometimes, as they cry in anguish before the dust chokes their voices forever, I savour the sound, relishing that it is not I who cries in anguish for that which I have lost – not this time. Over rock, across dunes, between the sleeping canvasses of their caravans and the snorting of dromedaries, I blot out the sky before them, judge them, and deliver my sentence, or my mercy, as I see fit. I come upon them in the brutality of screaming wind and shredding sand, descend on them in a howling rage, summoning the nightmares of their sweating half-sleeps to their eyes, their throats. I swirl and thrash about them, knowing their bright Arabian steel, Damascan gold and Grecian silver will not shine so bright when I am done, when I have blasted the skin from their flesh and the flesh from their bones.” | Read More...

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Waking the Taniwha

Waking the Taniwha by Dan Rabarts in Wily Writers, March 10, 2013

“Those wounds were neither musket fire nor swords,” Kent said. “That was claws, or teeth.” “Too clean for teeth. A word of advice, Kent: If you go looking for monsters in every shadow, it might pay to carry a lantern.” “Sir!” Faulkner and Kent looked to Sullivan, and past him to the devastation which had befallen the Manawatu Gorge. Massive claw-shaped gouges had shredded the bushclad hillsides around the Ngai Toaki pa, the soil torn as deep as the rock beneath. Kent’s gaze followed the trail of destruction up the hillsides. Something monstrous had walked this earth. | Read More...

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Realmgolds by Mike Reeves-McMillan

A reluctant, inexperienced and ineffectual ruler must become the leader his people need when an old rival’s hate-filled rhetoric foments rebellion.

The young ruler has an ally and mentor, a competent woman who rules the realm to the south. Unfortunately, the ancient magical treaty between their realms means she can’t send in her troops, her skyboats or her pressure guns. What she can do, though, is share a new magical communications technology – and her elite corps of Gryphon Clerks… | Read More...

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Hope and the Patient Man

Hope and the Patient Man by Mike Reeves-McMillan

When a promising date ends in head trauma and ruined trousers, Hope must confront the curse she accidentally placed on herself at the end of her first relationship. But can she do so while also qualifying as a Senior Mage, solving the mystery of her parents’ toxic marriage, and helping two awkward friends communicate – all while periodically blacking out?

A love story, with engineering. About – and for – smart, nerdy women and the men who adore them. | Read More...

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Hope and the Clever Man

Hope and the Clever Man by Mike Reeves-McMillan

An act of powerful magic in a moment of rage almost destroys Hope’s magical career before it starts, leaving her more determined than ever to prove her worth.

Her chance comes when she’s assigned to work for the eccentric inventor known as the Clever Man. The magical technology they create together could change the course of a war and help an oppressed people plan their revolution, but wealthy and powerful interests will fight to put it down any way they can. | Read More...

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