Writers’ Non-Fiction Resources by Members

Many of our members have works available aimed at helping you improve your writing skills. A few of these are listed here, and we will be building up a list over at a dedicated page of Non-Fiction Resources. Do you have a resource you’d like us to let others know about? Email us at specficnz@gmail.com

Write the Fight Right, by Alan Baxter

 “The best way for a writer to learn what’s really involved in brawling, short of going down the pub and starting something.” – Pete, WA

“Based on my successful workshops, this is a short (~12,000 word) ebook all about writing convincing fight scenes. When I read a good book or story and then come across a fight scene written by an author who clearly knows nothing of fighting, it can really spoil an otherwise excellent experience. Most writers tend to regurgitate what they’ve seen on TV and in movies, converting that to text, which makes for a slow, unrealistic scene. We have the great advantage in prose that we can get into our characters’ heads, we can describe how things feel, smell and taste as well as the emotional content that film can never convey. We can also describe a far more realistic fight, with the kind of techniques and in-fighting that doesn’t show up on film, but is actually the real essence of a fight.” Alan Baxter. | Read More...

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