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Pisces of Fate

Pisces of Fate, by Paul Mannering 
Published by Paper Road Press

When Ascott Pudding’s parents died, he ran to the ends of the earth – or to the tropical Aardvark Archipelago, which is essentially the same thing. But distance is relative and now a retired god has turned up with more bad news: Ascott’s sister, Charlotte, is probably dying too.

Charlotte isn’t the only endangered Pudding. Before Ascott can go home and save his sister from uncertain death, he’ll have to escape a homicidal octopus, a migrating whale pod, and several varieties of pirate. | Read More...

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Announcing the SHORTCUTS Novella Competition Winners

By Marie Hodgkinson, Paper Road Press

First things first: huge thanks to SpecFicNZ for hosting this competition, and to everyone who sent in a story. It is fantastic to see such a high level of support for a new publishing venture such as SHORTCUTS.

The first series of SHORTCUTS launches early next year and I am pleased to announce that the three stories below, the winners of the SpecFicNZ SHORTCUTS novella competition, will feature in the inaugural line-up:

In 1st place …


Lee Murray and Piper Mejia – Mika

Mika Tāura arrives in New York in the middle of a storm, accidentally kills a motorist, and lands herself with an injured child. What’s more, she’s missed her rendezvous, forcing her to go to Las Vegas in search of a man who claims to have the information she needs to save her sister’s life. | Read More...

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