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Giant Leap

Giant Leap by Mark English in Every Day Fiction, October 21, 2011

Roaring on a mighty flame stack, the rocket ship Conquest descended through the atmosphere to the surface of planet Alpha-1. Bulbous-bodied, tri-finned, and gleaming, the interstellar colony ship was breath-taking — which was part of the Big Idea. Camera drones had arrived the week before, and taken up strategic positions around the planned landing site to stream the event in real time back to Earth.

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Crucible by Dan Rabarts in Wily Writers, June 25, 2011

Once, we trod upon the stars, fleeing the gods. Now, we are the gods. Parsing the heavens on wings of steel and light, we sank into eternal sleep, light years unwinding around us, morphing the constellations into new mythologies. With technology already ancient we seeded new worlds, wrought civilizations on the bitter anvils of new suns. Then, again, to sleep, our cruciform vessels voyaging across lifetimes and voids of endless dead space, bearing us where no god could follow. | Read More...

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