The SpecFicNZ Pimp Your Profile Contest

We’re not exactly Santa, but SpecFicNZ would still like to give you something for the Holidays. The only problem is we aren’t fat, we aren’t rich, and we don’t have a band of elves to make the networks bring back Firefly. And, of course, we can’t ignore the fact that tradition says you have to prove yourself as good little SpecFiccers to get on Santa’s nice list. So, we’ve come up with a Christmas Contest, The SpecFicNZ Pimp Your Profile Contest.

You know those shows where something looks like crap, and then someone else comes along and makes it look really incredible? Well, that’s pretty much the idea, except the something is your SpecFicNZ member profile. And you are the first someone. And you’re also the second someone.

We want you to deck out your member profile on the SpecFicNZ website. What? You don’t even have a profile? So, go make one. Then go wild and add an actual picture. Fill in some content other than your location, blog and website. Add the covers of your books, excerpts of stories you’ve written, links to your work. Put up some Christmas decorations, or some annoying animated doo-dads. This is your space, people! Your own virtual room so give it some personality and flare. Think outside the box! Be silly even. It’s not like you can’t change it later to be ultra-professional.

The Pimp Your Profile Contest begins NOW. To enter, simply Pimp Up your member profile any way you please between now and December 25th. In addition, your profile must have something up other than the default pic to qualify. And we’ve added a new Browse Picture feature in the profile section to make this even easier.

Judging of the profiles will be done by Ripley Patton’s two teenage children, who are experts on everything.

Prizes will be awarded in early 2011 and include:

Issues of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

A SpecFicNZ Cap

A SpecFicNZ “Horror is Pretty” T-shirt

And other odd little SpecFicNZ paraphernalia

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