New Members-Only Noticeboard

Thanks to our wonderful webmaster, Joff, we now have a new feature for Members Only, and it’s a noticeboard.

The Noticeboard can be accessed by clicking on the For Members Only tab. In the Members Only Section listing, it’s link is listed at the top.

This Noticeboard is to enable members to keep each other up to date with interesting things going on. Please feel free to post notices about upcoming events, publication successes, interesting developments in the field, job offers, offers to work, critique requests, calls for submissions, or pretty much anything else that might be of interest to other members.

If you think the announcement should be on the main blog or newsletter, please email it to specficnz(at) as well.

Please note that this is a noticeboard, NOT a forum.

Forums attract trolls, and spam, and all kinds of other fictional creatures (and meat) we are not licensed or equipped to handle quite yet, but we’re working on it.

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