A Duo of Great Short Stories

Congratulations to Christchurch-based SpecFicNZ member Amanda Fitzwater for having two of her short stories published this month.

Her story “Trois” is in the current issue of“Khimairal Ink”, an e-zine produced by the Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company, focusing on lesbian protagonists in science fiction and fantasy stories.

“Trois” is about wishes, their truth, and how dangerous and seductive they can be.

The e-zine is available in PDF, Mobi and EPub editions.

Her second story to be released this month, The Woman With Flowers In Her Hair”, is in Issue 007 of Luna Station Quarterly, a web zine that features female authors.

Amanda’s profile is up at the site, and can be found here.

Be sure to go read her stories and comment at each site.

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