The Bridge by Jane Higgins

We are happy to announce the publication of The Bridge (put out by Text Publishing), a YA post-apocalyptic novel by SpecFicNZ Christchurch-based member Jane Higgins.

The city is at war. Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and desperation, hungry to cross the river. Cityside, ISIS is the brains behind the war. Its job—keep the hostiles at bay. ISIS only recruits the best, and Nik is top-of-the-class smart—so why does ISIS reject him? Before he can find out, his school is bombed. The hostiles take the bridges, and they’ve kidnapped Fyffe’s brother Sol. Now Nik is on the run. And Fyffe is going with him. Across the bridge.

The Bridge won the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, 2010 and was launched in NZ and Australia in August.

Jane says, ‘I work with young people in my day job as a university researcher and  I’m always impressed by how important their friendships are to them.  The Bridge is a story about friendship, where it might take you and what you might discover about yourself and your world on the way.

Not sure what to write about for NZ Spec Fic Blogging Week? Go out, get The Bridge, read it, and blog about it.

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