Introducing the New Committee

This introduction is about a month overdue, but I am pleased to announce the members of the new SpecFicNZ governing committee for 2011-2012.

They are:

Ripley Patton – President

Mark English – Treasurer

Cassie Hart – Secretary

Joffre Horlor – Webmaster

Catherine Ford – Publicist

Andrew Ivamy – Ordinary member

Elaine King – Ordinary member

Dan Rabarts – Ordinary member

Grant Stone – Ordinary member

We are especially thrilled that we have a full committee of nine this year, including five designated positions and four ordinary (the term ordinary used very loosely here, I assure you) member positions. We have had our first meeting and I can say, as the chair, that this group is very enthusiastic and eager to grow SpecFicNZ over the coming year.

We look forward to serving you.


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