Nuggets from the ChCh Meet-up

Five members met at Cafe Seven for the October Christchurch meet-up. We’re going to try an experiment with recording “nuggets” from the meet-ups that may be of interest to other members. If other areas would like to collect and post their meet-up nuggets, please email them to specficnz(at)

Thanks to Mark for taking these notes:

Amanda Fitzwater – new sale to Expanded Horizons (very friendly helpful staff)

Mark English – Flash Fiction sale to Everyday Fiction (very helpful reviewers)

Movies discussed:

  • Something About Kevin (forthcoming movie)
  • Highlander (a favourite of some, felt to be dated by others)
  • Knights of Badassdom (forthcoming movie about LARPers)
  • Hanna (stylish thriller)

Books discussed:

  • Iain M Banks – Surface Detail (8th Culture Novel) – excellent
  • Iain M Banks – Use of Weapons – strong example of non-linear narrative
  • Jim C. Hines – Stepsister Scheme – Sleeping Beauty is an assassin …
  • Scott Westerfeld – Goliath – good read, quick for adult, ideas great
  • Stephen Saylor – fiction set in actual historical location (Roman-era private investigator)
  • Dan Simmons – Drood – textbook example of unreliable narrator

Comets and Criminals – newly launched online paying magazine.

What makes a pro-sale? US5c / word – see SFWA for details.

SF Writers of the Future – no pro sale needed to enter!

Sites for Flash Fiction –,

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