Nuggets from the November Christchurch Meet-up

Five members met at Mark’s place for a yummy potluck and fun chat session. Here are some of the matters we discussed:

General points:

  • Diane book launch before Christmas – doing block edits currently
  • – Joff’s favorite website
  • take unsolicited manuscripts
  • Liz Gatens – won shades of sentience cyber punk compo.
  • What would it take to get a Con in ChCh? Perhaps a mini-con? Use webinar software – get time with overseas authors rather than get them into NZ?
  • Modern books way too thick! Bring back compact plots.
  • How to focus on writing:
    •  see NaNoWriMo site for some ideas
    •  website: write or die
    •  website: 750 words
    •  book: First Draft in Thirty Days, by Karen Weissner
    • book: Writing Tools – Fifty Essential Strategies for Every Writer, by Roy Peter Clark
  • Start up a SpecFicNZ buddy review and critique system
  • The fun of going to the shops in a Zorb
  • Next meetup a Christmas Do?

Authors discussed:

  • Steven King – plot draws reader on, else low in detail
  • John Varley – good cyberpunk

Films & genres:

  • What is cyber punk?
    • Blade Runner – not so much
    • Spares by Michael Marshal Smith – used for the movie The Island.
  • Gattacca
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • V for Vendetta
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (mixed feelings, some felt it bombed justly so, others loved it)
  • Underworld series – contemporary gothic
  • Surrogates – semi-dire cyberpunk
  • Ghost in the Shell – deals with machine/human question
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