Manuscript Critique Draw for Charity

Lesley Marshall of Editline is raffling off a free manuscript critique in memory of her son. Funds to go to Te Puna Women’s Refuge.

To enter, simply send a cheque (made out to Te Puna) to Lesley (Editline, 20 Beverley Cres, RD 9 Whangarei 0179), and she’ll put you in the draw.

The draw will happen on the 16 December so that gives you close to a month to get your entries in.

The critique is for a novel or any similar piece of work, and the winner can send it any time in the next year, either on paper or by email. The costs for entries are as follows:

One chance = $20; 3 chances $30; 6 chances $40; 10 chances $50.

We hope the refuge makes lots of money and know they get very short of food during the festive season. One year they used the money to create a children’s playground for the families there, so you’ve all created a lot of joy with your entries.

Thank you from both Lesley and the refuge.

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