Evil Inside Anthology


Deadline: June 15, 2012. Yurei Press is a Speculative Fiction market.
Speculative means genres like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror,
Fear, Steampunk, Alternate Worlds, Sword and Sorcery, Urban
Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, and any other similar trope. They also
publish some Romance, but usually in conjunction with some
speculative element. Starting July 2012, they will be publishing
one genre anthology per quarter.

Theme: Stories that instill a feeling of dread or foreboding.
Something evil is contained, but someone releases it by accident.
Feel free to explore different avenues. Is evil contained in an
abandoned factory? How about a shoebox at the top of Grandma’s
closet, or the new kid on the block? How does it get released,
and what happens thereafter.

Authors submit only one story per anthology. Stories must be
from 500 to 4,500 words. Unpublished works paid $25, reprints $15.
Accepting four dark poems, minimum 15 lines. Pays $10.

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