2012 Grand Gathering

SpecFicNZ held a “Grand Gathering” at unCONventional, the 2012 New Zealand national con. About 25 current and prospective members turned up. Grant led the meeting, describing the organization and its achievements to date. Then there was a spirited discussion about what our goals and ambitions should be, and what sorts of services we should strive to offer our members. Notes were taken on this, and have been submitted to the SpecFicNZ Core for consideration and implementation.

At the end of the discussion we gave away a large amount of SpecFicNZ-themed loot and several books that our members had very kindly donated. The draws were good fun and well-received.

Thank you very much to all members who attended, and thanks for your insightful comments about the future and direction of the org.

More pictures from the event (and the Con itself) are available here.

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