SpecFicNZ Upcoming AGM Agenda

Dear Members,

The SpecFicNZ Committee would like to present the proposed agenda for the upcoming AGM on August 11th, 2pm NZ time.

Please take a look and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or items to add to the agenda.

Please note that new items need to be added at least 48 hours before the meeting begins.

An e-mail containing the link to the AGM Chatzy room venue will be sent out in a few days to all members. Please DO NOT share the link on-line or with anyone who is not a member of SpecFicNZ.




  1. 2:00 pm Welcome and making sure all members have access to the Chatzy venue. Please e-mail [email protected] with the subject line: Chat Help if you have any trouble accessing the AGM Chatzy room and Joff will be standing by to assist you.
  2. 2:10 Meeting called to order and Roll taken.
  3. Presentation of last year’s AGM minutes and vote to accept.
  4. Presentation of the year’s financial report and vote to accept.
  5. Voting for Officed and Specific Positions vie web poll. Discussion during vote: What was the best thing SpecFicNZ did this year?
  6. Announcement of the newly elected officers.
  7. Voting for Regular Member Positions via web poll. Discussion during the vote: What would you like to see SpecFicNZ do in the coming year?
  8. Announcement of newly elected regular members.
  9. General and other business. Members, please submit general and other business to the committee no later than 48 hours before the start of the AGM meeting, so it can be added to the agenda. Thank you.
  10. A heart-felt thanks to the members of the outgoing committee.
  11.  4:00pm- The chair closes the meeting. 

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