An update on the “Random House Debacle”

Random House has decided to make major changes in its digital contract. Authors will now be offered their choice of two options: a re-worked profit-sharing arrangement and a traditional advance-and-royalties deal. A discussion of these changes is available here, and you can read “A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM HYDRA, ALIBI, LOVESWEPT AND FLIRT” on the Random House website here.

Meanwhile, some interesting discussions are taking place regarding the future of publishing and contracts, etc. Not all publishers are in a position to offer advances. “In Defense of the Royalty-Only Model for Digital Publication” spells out some of the challenges for small publishers. And yet another side of the “advance” argument can be found here, with a wrap up of the whole issue here.

Lots of links for you to click. Be pro or against, but whatever you choose, be informed.

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