Words on the Wind (and in the rain), Christchurch

The panel of readers prepares…

Undeterred by the first rain in weeks, 22 hardy souls ventured to the Riccarton library in Christchurch to hear Words on the Wind.


Diane Berry                   Amanda Fitzwater          Cat Langford          

Beaulah Pragg, our organiser, MC and reading author, welcomed the audience before Diane Berry launched into reading an extract from “Growing Disenchantments,” the second book she wrote with co-author Kevin Berry. She left us hanging (or dangling – you’ll have to read the book to find out!), and Amanda Fitzwater swept us away to Mars on the wings of a dragon, pocket-sized in consideration of space shuttle baggage restrictions, with “The dragon in the wardrobe.”

Next to read was Cat Langford, who drew us back in time to an alternate Christchurch where ornithopters chased our heroine along Cashel Street in “The wrong camera”, and then, leaving us at a tantalising cliff-hanger, Cat led us sideways to the fantasy realm of her novel in progress, “Symmetry breaking.” Jane Higgins took us again to the future with her yet untitled sequel to “The bridge,” tempting us with a tale of treachery, manipulation and resilience all in the first chapter. The sequel will be released later this year, though it seems cruel we will have to wait to read the rest.


                                Jane Higgins              Beaulah Pragg

Beaulah wrapped the day up with a scene from ‘The white heron,” her sequel to “The silver hawk,” where fantasy and science-fiction collide and collude.

 Thoroughly sated, the audience then chatted with the authors and browsed the book table.

Next up is “Words on the Wind” Wellington, Wednesday, March 20th, 6pm, Wellington Central Library. Free entry, all welcome.

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