TOC announced for Regeneration

Local publisher Random Static have recently released the TOC for their upcoming anthology of speculative fiction by New Zealand writers, titled Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II.

The book is due to be launched at Au Contraire in Wellington in July of this year, so mark your calendars and make it along to the convention if you possibly can.

Many of the contributors to this anthology are also SpecFicNZ members. You’ll see stories here from members Matt Cowens, Tim Jones, Mary Brock Jones, Grace Bridges, I.K. Paterson-Harkness, Debbie Cowens, J.C. Hart, Simon Petrie, Anna Smith, Elizabeth Gatens, Jonathan James Todd, A.J. Fitzwater, Fran Atkinson, Anna Caro, Grant Stone, Dan Rabarts, Lee Murray and Tony Wi.

So here’s a big round of applause to all the contributors, and to Random Static for making this book a reality. We look forward to welcoming it into the world very soon.

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