Winners of the Twitter Love Contest!

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Have you been holding your breath? We hope so, because finally we can reveal the winning entries in the Twitter Love 2013 Microfiction Contest!

This year was even more exciting than last time around. After the last few days of the contest ticked over with four entries locked up in a battle for third place, a tie-breaking vote finally rolled in to break the deadlock. As the dust settled, it became clear that there is a new champion in the world of micro-fiction, and that both first and second place, by a long way, had been snapped up by Immi Paterson, while Freya Roberston had beaten out three other contenders for the honour of taking third place.

Our winners have accepted their prize credit and chosen their spoils. Immi will be eagerly looking forward to copies of Pip Ballantine’s Hunter & Fox, Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hand, and The Bridge, by Jane Higgins, while Freya will soon be receiving her signed edition of Heir of Night by Christchurch fantasy author and Morningstar Award winner Helen Lowe.

Before we reveal the winning entries, Pip Ballantine would like to share some words of thanks and congratulations with the winners:

Pip says: Thanks for choosing my book, Immi. I hope you enjoy Hunter and Fox. It’s a story that was very much influenced by my life in New Zealand, so it’s fitting that it ends up as a prize there!

Now, onto the winners!

Third Place: Freya Robertson

“A good kiss is supernova bright, sunspot hot, rare as Halley’s comet, long as a Jupiter year and sweet as stardust on a warm summer night.”

Second Place: Immi Paterson

“I’m at his birth, and he’s at mine, though we’re centuries apart. I stand beside his mother as she pushes him into time. I love him always.”

First Place: Immi Paterson

(Drum Roll)

(That does’t count towards the 140 characters, mind you)

“I followed ‘Interspecies Speed Dating Tip #7’ and subtly asked my date if she had the normal set of 4 rectums. She choked on her kumara.”

So congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thanks to everyone who submitted and voted, and encouraged their friends to vote. This has been our most successful Twitter contest yet, and we look forward to running more in the future. Look out around November for the second annual Scared Twitless: Twitter Horror Microfiction Contest!




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