Shout it out – success stories

We are delighted to announce a plethora of publication news from our members, combined into this one post for that special WOWSERS factor.

First up is Mike Reeves-McMillan, with Realmgolds, a novel of the Gryphon Clerks, a “steampunkish fantasy novel. The Realmgold, a young man named Determined, has a problem: even though the Realmgold is meant to be in charge, nobody is paying much attention to him.”


Post image for “Waking the Taniwha” by Dan Rabarts


Dan Rabarts has a new story for you to hear/read over at Wily Writers Audible FictionWaking the Taniwha  “borrows liberally from steampunk, and looks to the Maori tales of dwellers in deep places, creatures that can be either monsters or protectors.”

Amanda Fitzwater, as mentioned earlier this month, has a new story Me Myself I, in Daughters of Icarus: New feminist science fiction and fantasy, published by Pink Narcissus Press.

Freya Robertson has recently signed a 2 book deal with Angry Robot Books, UK, for her epic fantasy series, The Elemental Wars. The first will be published in February 2014, the second later that year. You can find out more about Freya and her writing by visiting her website.

Paul Mannering has sold his  zombie apocalypse novel, Tankbread  first self-published in 2011, to the popular American apocalyptic fiction publisher Permuted Press. The deal includes an advance for the first novel and the in-progress sequel with a third book planned, but not covered by the current contract.

Congratulations to all of our members, we wish you all every success.


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