Pimp My Profile Contest is now LIVE!

A brave band of our intrepid Specficcers have taken up the challenge of hammering down their profiles, melting them in the crucible of Bad Pimpage and forging them into bright, sharp and shiny things for your visual consumption.

Now, like gladiators who fight with bright, sharp and shiny text and images (instead of the somewhat messier tools of their forebears) they circle the arena and wait for you, the voting public, to summon forth a trio of victors from the battlefield.

So go cast your eyes over the competitors’ profiles, listed below, then follow the link to vote for your favourite. Entrants are up to win a swag of gear, including books and magazines, and the right to claim victory in the 2013 Pimp Your Profile Contest.

The Combatants (in no particular order, other than the ascending prismatic array of their respective auras) are:

Freya Robertson

Eileen Mueller

Woelf Dietrich

Mike Reeves-McMillan

Shelley Chappel

Chris Yee

Victoria Dreyer

Jenner Lichtwark

I.K. Paterson-Harkness

Rainer Suss

Daniel Williamson

Tim Stead

Had a good look at all of them? You’re sure? Great, now head over to our survey and vote for your favourite.

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