2014 Sir Julius Vogel Awards – Nominations

The Sir Julius Vogel AwardsRead a great New Zealand speculative fiction work published last year? Now’s the time to nominate it for a Sir Julius Vogel Award! Nominations are open until 15 February, and anyone can nominate. The top 5 most-nominated works in each category will make it onto the voting form later in the year. Send your nominations to [email protected] with the following:

  1. Name / Title of work
  2. Name of Producer / Author / Creator
  3. What the work is i.e. Novel, TV, Movie, Short Story, Web, Collection, Comic, Art
  4. Year of First Release
  5. Publisher / Production company name
  6. How to contact the publisher / producer (email/phone)
  7. What category you think the nomination belongs in
  8. GENRE – science fiction, fantasy or horror
  9. Contact details of the person making the nomination e.g. email or/and phone number

Check out SFFANZ website for more detail.

Can’t remember what came out last year? Check out this list.

If you are a SpecFicNZ member and don’t see your work in this list, please send the above information (1) through (7) to specficnz(at)gmail(dot)com.

Please note that SpecFicNZ is not sending nominations to SFFANZ – the list we have compiled is to help people who wish to nominate find the information they’ll need.

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