Help get Dan Rabarts to Continuum X

SpecFicNZ member Dan Rabarts, this year’s winner of two Sir Julius Vogel Awards, one for Best New Talent and one for Best Collected Work (with Lee Murray, for Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror), is now the recipient of the 2014 FFANZ fan fund. This means he will be travelling to Melbourne in June to represent the New Zealand fan and writing community at Continuum X, Australia’s 53rd National Science Fiction Convention.

He is looking forward to his role as ambassador to the Australian crowd for everything that is the New Zealand fan and writing scene. He will spend four days mingling with writers, fans, gamers, publishers, and everyone in between, spreading word of all the great things that are going on in New Zealand and sharing the love with our creative Aussie counterparts.

At the Convention, Dan will also start down the trail of raising money for the 2015 fan fund, so another worthy representative can make the trip next year. To help fundraise for this, Dan is putting out a call for donations of books or other small items (read: easy to squeeze into a small suitcase) that can be auctioned off at Continuum X.

All funds raised will go directly to carrying on the work that FFANZ does to grow relationships between the New Zealand and Australian speculative fiction writing and fan communities.

If you would like to donate something for Dan to take with him to Melbourne, such as a signed book or similar, please contact [email protected], and we will be happy to put you in touch with him. Alternatively, members can chat directly to Dan through the Member Discussion area of the website.

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