Spec fic on the bestseller lists

Kiwi spec fic is making waves this week, with four SFF titles in the the top ten bestselling fiction books nationwide!

As reported by Newsroom, Elizabeth Knox has taken out the top spot with her recent release The Absolute Book ($35, Victoria University Press). This is Knox’s first book since the skin-crawlingly good Wake and is an epic, reality-crossing urban fantasy.

Andi C. Buchanan’s debut From a Shadow Grave ($25, Paper Road Press) launched last week in Wellington and swept straight into third place. From a Shadow Grave tells the story of Phyllis Symons, the young woman who was murdered during the construction of the Mount Victoria Tunnel – and gives her new stories, and new endings.

At number 6, The Burning River by Lawrence Patchett ($30, Victoria University Press) is a journey across a post-apocalyptic North Island.

And coming in at ninth place, the inaugural Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy ($30, Paper Road Press), edited by Marie Hodgkinson and featuring the work of a number of current and former members of SpecFicNZ – Octavia Cade, M. Darusha Wehm, Andi C. Buchanan, A.J. Fitzwater, Sean Monaghan, Grant Stone, Dave Moore, Melanie Harding-Shaw, J.C. Hart, Toni Wi, Isabelle McNeur, Mark English and James Rowland.

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