A Stretch of Time

by Grace Bridges

Book Cover: A Stretch of Time
Part of the Splashdown Droplets series:
  • A Stretch of Time

A young Māori mother is frazzled by the pace of modern life. She tells her grandmother that times have changed since the twenty-four hour day was first created; but Kuia speaks words that bestow a spiritual gift of time. Surely her grandmother is playing games with her – but even though hours have passed, the coffee is still hot…


1500 word short story.

Publisher: Splashdown Books

About the Author

Grace Bridges has been in love with language and art, and the art of language, for her entire life. She’s a semi-professional cat herder and also translates German and French. Indie publishing and freelance editing have been her focus for the past ten years, including 40+ titles in her Splashdown Books brand. She has written several novels in space opera, Irish cyberpunk, and in 2017 the EARTHCORE science mythology YA series set in New Zealand. Her short stories and non-fiction appear in many anthologies and online magazines. Grace loves to show people that it’s easy to make books—but also insists on top quality writing and design. She has served five years on the committee of New Zealand writers’ group SpecFicNZ and was president until 2021. See gracebridges.kiwi for information on her art, fiction and non-fiction, editing work, and more

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