The Frankie Files

by A.J. Ponder

Are you ready for fun? Are you ready for monsters and mayhem (and a little science)?

Then you'll love this story about Frankie, a young inventor whose inventions always get her into monster trouble.

"It's brilliant. I love every single thing about it. The science, the educational aspect, the humour, the sweetness... So easy to read and so fun... This is like the best thing I've read for kids since Dahl. Well done." Michelle Child.

Suitable for all ages, The Frankie Files is the perfect read for aspiring inventors, and scientists, aged 6-11 as the story follows the young dyslexic genius from primary school to intermediate. With fun monster invention notes, and more, it's a book imaginative young minds should not miss.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Peak inside and take a look. A.J. Ponder

P.S. Whatever you do, don't tell any young readers that they might actually learn some science - including a fun take on the history of lab safety and why it's so important!

Publisher: Phantom Feather Press

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