Underground War

by Mike Reeves-McMillan

Underground War cover
Part of the Realm Agents series:

Dedicated agents battle determined adversaries who want to bring down the realm.

Much has changed in the ten years since the Unification War created the new realm of Koslin and freed the gnomes from servitude to their dwarf masters. But every change creates winners and losers, and a loose and surreptitious alliance including old-line dwarves and separatist insurgents is fighting an underground war against the realm.

To oppose them, Piston the gnome and his colleagues in the Realm Agents will need all their courage and dedication, as well as the latest magical technology. And whether he wants them to or not, three gnome women are determined to help: Precision the engineer, Braise the politician, and Ladle the newswriter. But when the insurgents reveal the full scope of their plan, will the agents and their allies be too late to foil a devastating strike?

Publisher: C-side Media

About the Author

For someone with an English degree, Mike Reeves-McMillan has spent a surprising amount of time wearing a hard hat.

He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the setting of his Auckland Allies contemporary urban fantasy series; and also in his head, where the weather is more reliable, and there are a lot more wizards.

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