If you are a member of SpecFicNZ, you have the option to have your blog link included on our home page blog roll or not.

If your blog link does not show on the blog roll and you would like it to, follow these steps.

First, Click on the For Members Only Tab at the top of the SpecFicNZ website, and enter your ID and password, which you received in your first membership confirmation e-mail. If you have lost the e-mail and/or forgotten your access information, you can e-mail us at specficnz(at)gmail.com with a request and we will resend them to you.

You will then be given a page that says,

  1. View and update your public profile and other information we have on file for you.
  2. Change your password.
  3. Get a SpecFicNZ badge for your website or blog.
  4. Back to SpecFicNZ home page.
  5. Log Out

Click #1 (view and update your profile), and you will be taken to your Membership Information Page.

At the top you will see a sentence that says: This is the information we currently have on file for you. If anything is wrong, please correct it.

Click correct it.

You will then be given a page that says Edit Member Information.

Scroll down to the item that says Blog URL and enter your blog web address in the given field. Then be sure to tick the box that says Include in Blogroll.

Once you have made these changes, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Edit Member Information Page and click the Update button in the lower right corner.

After taking these steps, you can refresh the SpecFicNZ webpage and your Blog should appear in alphabetical order in the blog roll list on the home page.



and Include in Blogroll, if you want your Profile and Blog to be seen by the public.

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