Cassie Hart


Cassie Hart (aka J.C. Hart) is a writer who enjoys delving into human nature in all its beauty and disarray. She lives with her husband and three daughters (3, 5 and 9 yrs) who she home-schools in beautiful Taranaki. She is a writer of (mostly) speculative fiction, currently working on a paranormal romance series set in NZ, as well as a science fiction standalone.
Well known for biting off way more than she can chew (and then finding a way to chew it anyway…), Cassie is also doing some editing on the side, along with some Post Grad study, and reading slush for a publishing company.
Cassie is a founding member of SpecFicNZ, and past Secretary on the Core. So far she’s had pieces published in the ‘A Foreign Country’ Anthology, Comets and Criminals, and The Lorelei Signal, as well as co-editing and having a story included in the SJV winning benefit anthology, Tales for Canterbury. She has a new story coming out in July, in Regeneration (Random Static).

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