Chris Brausch


I’m a bushman who’s spent over 20 years living and working in the NZ bush. I have always read Sci Fi (Greg Bear, frank Herbert & Iain M. Banks in particular) but only started writing it 5 years ago with a novel, ‘Ferox’. I study foreign languages and forage for food in my spare time, as well as trying to prise a living from an 86 acre of scrub near Thames. I have a lovely missus, Mal, and a beautiful little heading dog, Kara.

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My larger novel, 'Ferox', is about 500 pages long and is set in a post-apocalyptic NZ, 1000 years hence. A Chinese invasion at the brink of a nuclear cataclysm has resulted in a neo-feudal society which is struggling to maintain control over an increasingly chaotic countryside and rebellious warlords. Meanwhile, a complementary society of ferals seeks a furtive living in the wilderness. The novel sets out what happens when a reiver youth escapes capture by Imperial forces and is in turn captured by the ferals. Sex, violence, cannibalism, a heap of action, but more importantly, it's a political and ecological thought experiment on just where our present society is headed without a whole lot of behavioural changes..

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