• Michelle Douglas posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago  · 

    Hi, I just recently joined and scrolling through this member discussion group I see no one’s replying to anyone. If they have it was months back. Have I just joined a ghost town? Where is everyone? How come the activity is so – dead?

    • Hi, Michelle.

      It’s taking a while for people to realize that this is here. (In the grand scheme of things it’s a fairly new feature).

      Though, many people use this area simply as a way to post their writing news to the front page of the site, rather than as a means of conversation. It is meant to do both, though.

      Most of the membership here historically meets in local in-person groups, so that might also be another reason why it’s quiet here. But all it takes is a few people to start chatting and it won’t be quiet for long!

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