Evelyn Doyle


I’m not the famous Evelyn Doyle—the Irish one, who had her memoir cinematised by Pierce Brosnan. I suspect many visitors to my website, and novelists who follow me on Twitter, thought I was. (Discovery of the truth might explain why those followers tend to reverse their decision within a week.)


By day, I’m a homeschooling mother, and independent contractor in print-based graphic design. By night, I fight crime. (Presumably. I tend not to remember dreams when I wake.) Creative Writing has tug-o’-warred with Graphic Design, fighting for my attention and affection, for as long as I remember. They’re pretty evenly matched, so their struggle continues.


I wrote for a technology magazine distributed to high school students (the now-defunct ‘ACTV8 Magazine’), while I was studying at Media Design School, and I’ve done small amounts of copywriting and editing among my design and layout commissions, but fiction writing has remained something I do for myself. Simply because I can’t leave it behind.

Primary medium

Visual Artist


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