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Jane Percival lives at South Head, adjacent to the Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand. She writes when she can, juggling this activity with her other love, gardening. She enjoys tackling speculative fiction, as well as the challenge of squeezing a story into a very few words. Her blog can be found here.

List of Publications

Chopper (03/05/2019). In Flash Frontier April 2019: Love,
The Caverns of the Unnamed One (2018). In Christopher Sequeira, Steve Proposch and Bryce Stevens (Eds), Cthulhu: Land of the Long White Cloud, IFWG Publishing, Australia.

The Mysterious Mr Montague (2018). In A. Bridges, L. Murray & A Compton (Eds.), Te Korero Ahi Ka – To Speak of the Home Fires Burning, (pp. 183-199). Speculative Fiction NZ. ASIN: 0473428342; ISBN-13: 978-0473428341.

Grandma’s House (27/12/2016), Micro Madness, In Flash Frontier December 2016: Micro,

Around the Block (23/04/2016). In Flash Frontier April 2016: Slow,

Moonshine Road (01/11/2015) Crab Fat Magazine

The Bookshop (2015). In SpecFicNZ Shorts. New Zealand, Speculative Fiction NZ. (SpecFicNZ Shorts is a free e-book. Links to where it can be downloaded can be found here.)

The Pouākai (2015). In L. McNeur & L. Nunns (Eds.), Headland Issue 4. The Maisonette Trust. ISSN 2422-9016.
(Headland Issue 4 is available from Amazon. A link to the purchase page can be found here.)

The Mysterious Mr Montague (2015). In A. Pillar (Ed.), Bloodlines (pp. 117-133). Australia, Ticonderoga Press.

Blue (22/06/2015), Micro Madness, National Flash Fiction Day NZ,

Red Blood Cell Deficiency (23/04/2015). In Flash Frontier April 2015: Iron,

Water Baby (16/11/2014) Fiction on the Web UK,

The Tobacco Tin (01/06/2014), 2nd Prize, WWI Centenary Competition, Speculative Fiction NZ,
(also published on Fiction on the Web UK, on 13/01/2015,

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South Head, New Zealand

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