Kevin Berry


As a very young child, I was always reading, immersing myself in different worlds and lives. It wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to be a writer and create those worlds and lives myself. I started writing monster stories, then turned to mysteries, handing in a novel-length whodunnit in English at high-school. The teacher’s remarks that it wasn’t as good as Agatha Christie’s books discouraged me for a long time. Years later, I wrote some short stories and got them published, then wrote a fantasy novel, found an agent and had the novel shown to the major publishing houses. No one accepted it, which was not surprising, as it wasn’t well-written. I still needed to learn the craft of writing. But the rejections put me off for years. Eventually, I returned to writing with a passion. This is what I’ve done:

Three humorous fantasy novels (co-written with Diane Berry), now out of print.

Stim and Kaleidoscope, contemporary novels set in Christchurch, featuring characters with ASD and/or Bipolar.

Stranded Starship, Duel at Dawn, and Movie Mystery Madness, a interactive middle-grade adventures.

Teleport, a dystopian cyberpunk novel.

I’m now starting to write crime fiction.

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